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Animal Statue Lawn Ornament Seagull Statue, 10in H x 7in W x 17in L

Seagull Statue
Susan Montagna (Rhode Island)
I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a simple Seagull statue to put outside at our beach house. I found your website in a google search and I am so glad I did. Your customer service is amazing and friendly, shipping was faster than expected and the product is perfect. It's well made, beautifully painted and exactly what I was looking for. I will most definitely repeat business with you and make sure I spread the word of how wonderful my experience has been! :)

Saint Statue Religious Statue Lawn Ornament Mother Theresa , 25in H x 6.75in SQ B

Simply Lovely
AH (Tacoma, WA)
My aunt wanted a statue of St. Theresa in her garden. After reviewing many stores & websites, I chose LO&F; I am so very pleased with the result. After placing the order, I had a question & so sent an e-mail to customer service. Not expecting any reply until the next week, Ryan wrote back immediately--on a Saturday night. He ensured I received the advertised discount, & the statue arrived a bit earlier than expected in outstanding condition, being as she was expertly packaged. The dimensions were true, there were no defects, & the artistry was even better than the picture on the website. She is stunning in the garden & my aunt is thrilled. I highly recommend this statue for anyone looking for such an item. I would buy from LO&F again without hesitation & can highly recommend the site, the customer service, the prices, the shipping, & the product. Every aspect of the transaction was superior & beyond my expectations.

Deer Statue - Lawn Ornament - Animal Statue Standing Concrete Lawn Ornament - 43in H x 12in BW x 27.5in BL - Shown in Detailed Finish

Deer ornaments
Kirk Gilmore (Kelwood Canada)
Very impressed with the statues,,Service and Delivery was fantastic.. Highly recommended

Lady of Fatima Statue

Hello Ryan,
What a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  I am more than pleased with this purchase.  I was purchasing for a group to give to a friend in memory of her mother.  I spent many hours on the phone, searching the internet and looking around Cincinnati, which is a very Catholic city.  Nothing came close to your statue.  The quality of the craftsmanship was great.  The colors were soft but not too pale and the painting was not sloppy like you see with other statues.  The matte glaze gave a finished look.  Also, I appreciated how well the item was packaged.  I worried about breaking during shipping. 
Thanks again.  We LOVE it!
S. Bockrath

Dog Statue - Lawn Ornament - Animal Statue Dog Statue - Lawn Ornament - Animal Statue Papillon 13H x 12L x 7 W

This statue is beautiful!
Dianne (Georgia)
I purchased and recently received this statue and I am blown away by how beautiful it is! There is much more detail on the statue than is visible in the picture here. I have three Papillons and they all ran over and barked at it when they first saw it. It took one of them 2 days to get used to it - she thought it was pretty real looking. I absolutely love this statue! I thought it looked nice in the picture, but it's even more pretty in person. Thank you for making this wonderful statue - it is so hard to find Papillon yard art.

Dog Statue - Lawn Ornament - Animal Statue Norfolk Terrier 10H x 10L x 5 W

Michael Hans (United States)
Detail is amazing, quality is amazing, packing was like they were packing eggs for shipment. Was very impressed with overall experience. Great job!

Tips For Decorating an Artificial Christmas Tree

A beautiful Christmas tree requires planning.  First you need to choose a 
color scheme.  Look at the room or area you will be placing the tree and 
choose a color scheme that will compliment the surrounding area.  Some
popular color schemes are traditional Christmas colors which include red,
green and silver, wintery or artic theme colors including white, silver, blues 
and purples or metalic colors which include gold, silver and bronze.  

Next you need to choose a theme.  Picking a theme for your Christmas 
decor is not crucial but some individuals like to collect ornaments or 
decoratioins based around a specific theme such as angels, snowmen,
Santa or snowflakes.  If you are drawn to a particular item or enjoy
collecting items this is a fun way to express yourself.  

Artificial Christmas Tree Assembly

The first step would be to assemble your artificial Christmas tree.
Follow the manufacturer instructions that are included inside the box.
After the tree is assembled you will need to shape the branches or limbs.
The rows should be even and spaces between each row of branches
should be kept to a minimum. The branch tips should be curved
according to the instructions of the tree so that the tree looks as natural
as possible. The needles of the tree become crushed due to packing and
shipping to fluff the needles so that they look lively and lush clasp
each branch in your hand and run your hand against the grain and
this will fluff up your branches. Over years of storage and use the
braches will appear more crushed. To remedy this use the same method
as above only holding a hot cloth in your hand as you run your hand over
the branch. We offer thousand’s of artificial Christmas trees please visit us at - Artificial Christmas Trees
to view our complete line of artificial Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Lights

The tree is assembled and your next step would be to add the lights.
Many of the artificial Christmas trees on our site come prelit which
means that the lights are already on the tree for you and all you need
to do is assemble the tree and plug the lights in. If you purchase an
unlit Christmas tree you will need to add the lights yourself. A good
rule to thumb for the amount of lights needed based on the size of the
tree is as follows: 4 to 5 feet add 200 to 500 miniature lights, 6 to 6.5 feet
add 500 to 700 miniature lights, 7 to 7.5 feet 600 – 800 miniature lights,
8 feet to 9 feet 800 – 1200 miniature lights.

To install lights on the tree first step is to test each strand by plugging
them into an outlet to assure they work. If the do not then you will need
make sure each bulb is securely inserted into the light socket as the light
strand will not work if even one bulb is not secure in it’s place.

To put the Christmas lights in place on your tree, run an extension cord
from an electrical outlet to the center or the tree or trunk of the tree. Plug
the first set of Christmas lights into the extension cord and run the lights
to the top of the tree. Twist every other light around tip of a branch working
from left to right on the branches, wrapping lights in a clockwise manner.
Wrap the cord around each branch, placing lights as you work around and

Repeat with remaining light sets, always working them upward to the point
where the last light set stopped, before wrapping. Continue from the inside
of the tree branch to the outside and then back in again. Hide the light cords
by winding them around the branches and nestling them in the needles.
Do not hang light bulbs in mid-air between branches.

Place lights near the ends of the branches, so that the lights outline the shape
of the tree. If lights with reflectors are used, you can reduce the number of
lights on a tree as reflector lights generally are both brighter and more
decorative. For the greatest impact, always use the same style light set
to cover the whole tree in the basic lighting. Decorative light sets or
theme light sets should be added after the basic lights have been
installed and should be evenly space around the tree or grouped in
sets for focal points on the tree.

It is important to always follow the instructions printed on the box of
Christmas lights. We offer 100’s of styles and colors or Christmas
lights please visit us at - Christmas Lights

Installation of Christmas Garland to an Artificial Christmas Tree

The amount of garland needed based on tree size is as follows:
4 to 5 feet add 40 – 55 feet, 6 to 6.5 feet add 70 – 75 feet of
Christmas garland, 7 to 7.5 feet 84 – 98 feet of Christmas
garland, 8 feet to 9 feet 120 – 150 feet Christmas garland.

Swagging Christmas Garland: Start in the back of the tree
with the bottom row of branches. Twist one piece of garland
around a branch tip to secure it. Swag garland to center tip
of next branch and continue around the tree. Use 12"e; to 20"e;
swags, depending on the width of the tree. Let swag fall freely
and naturally.

Cut or break garland when you have reached your starting point,
or swag up to the next layer on the back side of the tree. When
using bead garland you may not be able to cut this at the starting
point, as some garlands may come apart. You can either tuck the
balance into the tree or go up to the next starting point for the next swag

Start second row in same manner as first, making sure the peaks of the
new row are centered over the valleys of the previous row. Swags
should not touch the row below. Continue draping in same manner
to top of tree, with smaller swags as you go up. The more uniform the
swag, the more formal the look. To create double swags begin with two

Spiraling Ribbon for Garland: Anchor 4-6 strands of ribbon to top of
tree. Separate the strands and spiral down around the tree, spacing
evenly as you go down. Bottoms can be anchored or left spiraling
to the floor

Adding Christmas Tree Ornaments

Attach Christmas tree ornament hooks to each ornament. Hang larger
or more dominant ornaments on the lower part of the tree for balance.
Shiny finishes should be hung on the tree before matte or soft finishes,
bright colors before muted colors and larger sizes before smaller sizes.
Ornaments look better if they hang suspended rather than touching

Distribute ornaments in an overall pattern. This can be evenly spaced
on branch tips as focal points, evenly spaced in the tree to add
dimension, irregularly spaced cluster and groups as focal points.
We have an assortment of beautiful glass and resin or plastic
Christmas tree ornaments in a variety of colors and finishes please
visit us - Christmas Tree Ornaments

The above steps should assist you in creating the Christmas tree
that is perfect for your home or commercial business.

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