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Gazing balls are a perfect way to add color to your garden or lawn. Most globes have a mirror like reflective finish that will add sparkle and attract birds and butterflies. We offer over 40 different finishes and in sizes that range from 2 inch up to 22 inch. Stainless steel balls are constructed of 16 gauge stainless steel that will not break or tarnish We also offer glass globes which have necks that do require specific gazing ball stands. Glass balls of course do break so they do require a little extra care.

Gazing ball stands come in a variety of sizes, finishes and are constructed of steel, resin or concrete. To choose the perfect stand you must first consider the location in which you will be placing your gazing globe. Take into consideration the height of the plants surrounding the gazing globe stand and decide if you wish to ball to appear if it were floating or if you wish to see the stand to add character to your lawn or garden. Steel stands are the most durable and will fit into almost every garden or landscape theme. Concrete stands age over time and become more beautiful with age. Concrete stands can be expected to last for many years and come in many traditional classic garden and landscape designs. Resin stands are lightweight and are usually them oriented. Resin gazing globe stands are an inexpensive landscape choice and with the many themes available will allow you to express your individual style in your lawn and garden.

Take care when selecting a stand to go with your glass or stainless steel gazing globe as they are made to fit a certain size ball. Glass balls require that the stand have a hole that the neck of the ball will fit inside of to secure the ball. We do also recommend using a household putty to secure the ball in place. Stainless balls will fit into almost any stand as long as the stand is large enough to hold the size of the gazing ball that you are buying. Stainless steel gazing balls can also be secured with a household putty. Gazing balls are measured at the largest point from one side of the ball to the opposite site. The measurement of a gazing ball is not the circumference.

Stainless steel globes also float so that you may use them in your pond or swimming pool. We have many customers that purchase gazing balls to accent their pool as they do not tarnish and add color and movement to standing water whether it be a pool, pond or fountain.

Please contact us at 800-458-0445 with any questions that you may have regarding our gazing balls or gazing ball stands. We will assist you in selecting the perfect stand to fit your gazing ball or gazing globe.

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