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Topiary Trees For Christmas

History of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Assembly and Lighting - For Prelit Trees

Click Here to View Our - Artificial Christmas Tree Catalog

Before you begin to assemble your tree, choose a location near a wall outlet. Place the tree stand on a level surface.

Carefully insert the bottom of the tree pole into the stand. Make sure the pole is firmly inserted into the stand and the screws are tightened. Then insert the middle section into the bottom and the top into the middle section.

Allow the branches to fall into place or gently pull up and out. When adjusting the branches be sure that all wires are free of the branch hinges.

Shape the branches. Start with the tips that are farthest from the pole, place one to the right, one to the left and one at the center of the main stem.

After shaping the whole tree step back and view the overall look of the tree. Shift branches to fill any gaps. Slightly upsweep all branch tips for a uniform look.

When the above is complete locate the cord on the bottom and plug it into the wall outlet. Plug in the light set from the top into the middle of the tree and then plug the sections into the outlet. Some trees will have sections that plug into each other and other trees will have you plug each section directly into the wall outlet. Please review the instructions provided in the carton with the tree for complete light instructions. When all sections have been plugged into the electric source properly the tree should be illuminated and ready to decorate. Enjoy your artificial tree.

When the holiday season is over and you are ready to store your tree unplug the cord from the wall outlet. You may store your tree in the carton provided however we recommend you keep the tree assembled, cover with plastic and store upright.

Click Here to View Our - Artificial Christmas Tree Catalog

The above steps should assist you in creating the Christmas tree
that is perfect for your home or commercial business.