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Artificial Christmas tree Versus the Live Christmas Tree

The real pine tree versus artificial Christmas tree debate is very old and has no crystal clear answer. The traditional viewpoint is that there is nothing like the smell and feel of a real tree. On the other hand, some people like to have an artificial Christmas tree because artificial trees can be re-used every year so they are not a waste of money. They require less maintenance and clean up than the traditional live Christmas tree.

Here are some pros of using an artificial Christmas tree.


· One of the best pros of artificial tress is that you can reuse the tree year after year.

· You do not have to remove the decoration or the lights from an artificial tree. Just carefully place the tree sections in the box and store in a dry, safe place.

· Artificial Christmas trees are designed so that assembly is easy with hinged branches that open and can be shaped as desired.

· Artificial trees are relatively mess free with no needles or branches to fall off and no watering required.

· Many artificial trees come available with lights so it takes less time to decorate the tree. Light colors are available in clear or multi-colored.

· Most artificial trees are light in weight. Some flocked trees and very large trees are quite heavy.

· Artificial trees are made to look like real trees and are very durable.

· Most artificial trees may be used indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind that flocked trees are not made for outdoor use.

· Artificial trees are available in various colors including: white, red, blue, purple, green, silver, gold, black pink.

· Artificial trees are available in sizes ranging from 12 inches to 30 feet.

Due to cost savings of the ability to use the artificial tree each year and the wide array of color and style the artificial tree has become the most popular choice for the Christmas Season. Please visit our selection of trees provided in the link below. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we would be happy to help you locate the perfect tree for this season.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Lion Statues Are Perfect for Guarding Entryways

Lions have conventionally been considered as the symbol of power and strength. We find most temples have a beautiful pair of lion statues, mostly placed in the garden of the temple. The lion is a symbol of bravery and strength, so lots of kings and queens in history decorated their gardens by placing lion statues at the entrance.

Guardian of the Garden:
People think that lion statues guard the entrance of temple gates to ward off evils. They like to sit in the garden, which is under the protection of the lion statues. It gives emotional strength. Lion statues are also a symbol of wealth and luxury; if you have a party in your garden then you can impress your visitors with the beauty of a lion ornament placed at the entrance of your, garden, home or business. Lion statues look expensive and very special but in real they are economical in price.

Religious Value of Lion Statue:
In some religions the lion is worshiped as a God. People like to put a pair of lion statues at the entrance of their garden to show respect to their beliefs and feel that their garden is under the acute protection of God. In China, there is no concept of a temple without the statue of the lion.

There is a wide variety of lion statues available constructed of concrete and resin. Concrete lawn ornaments are available in a variety of finishes to fit the color scheme of your home, business or garden.

Good watcher and garden art:
The lion statuary is the guardian of the garden. People believe that the lion will look after the inhabitant of home. The lion symbol will add strength, tradition and richness to any outdoor garden or entry to a home or business. Add the grand beauty of a lion statue to your garden today.

Please view our Lion Statue Catalog: Lion Statues

The Gargoyle Figure as a Statue or Lawn Ornament
The gargoyle statue was mainly used to convey water from the roof and away from the side of a building. Gargoyle statues are now used for lawn ornamentation.

The term Gargoyle originates from the French Gargouille, which means “throat” or “gullet”. In Latin different words such as gurgulio, gula, and gargula derived from the root GAR which means to swallow. Gar represents the gargling sound of water. So, the architectures used Gargoyle figures mainly to sprout rainwater from the roof of commercial buildings and homes, as the water was not good for the durability of the building.

Grotesque in appearance the sculpture is also used in an artistic ornamental function. There are various uses of grotesque gargoyle statues such as, it was believed that the gargoyle was used to scare off and protect from any evil or harmful spirits.

Gargoyle” is most often applied to medieval work, but in all ages the means of water diversion was adopted, when not conveyed in gutters. In recent times, when people feel the need of beauty around them especially in their garden, they add gargoyle statues for ornamentation.

There are different types of gargoyle statues available mostly in shape of animals, such as:
· Lion Gargoyle
· Dog Gargoyle
· Wolf Gargoyle
· Eagle Gargoyle
· Snake Gargoyle
· Goat Gargoyle
· Monkey Gargoyle

People like to put Gargoyle figure at the entrance of the gardens, homes and businesses. It is because; they believe that Gargoyle figures are very helpful in alluring the attention of visitors. Some of them also believe that Gargoyle figures are good omen for them.

Gargoyles are famous as garden ornaments. Some gargoyles are adjusted for fountains and are available gargoyles are cast resin or concrete.

The advantage of placing Gargoyles in gardens or in front of buildings is that it looks lush, old world and expensive, but it isn't. It just takes artistic ability and a little imagination. An artist is able to show his imagination through the Gargoyle, because Gargoyles are not human figures.

Gargoyles were often used on cathedrals and churches. As Oliver Herford says:
"The gargoyle often makes his perch on a cathedral Or church where, mid ecclesiastic style
He smiles an early Gothic smile"

Gargoyles were mainly carved on religious themes. As, fertility was the major theme of pagan religions, and fertility gargoyles were placed on the outside walls cathedral walls. In modern era, people also like to put gargoyles on their outside walls, in front of the garden and home but their main aim is to ornament their homes with such marvelous statues.

Gargoyles statues are must have for all those who love history. Another thing is that, if you want to impress people at cocktail parties, it’s nice to have a Gargoyle figure or statue in your lawn or at the wall of your home for the perfect conversation theme.

Please view out collection of gargoyle statues in our catalog here

Gargoyle Statues and Lawn Ornaments

How to Integrate Stepping Stones into any Backyard Garden

Garden stepping stones can enhance the beauty and look of any backyard garden. It is not difficult at all to integrate stepping stones into any backyard garden; with some research and a correct vision, you will be able to select the perfect stone that will fit the theme of your garden. Stones are available in many shapes, sizes. They are constructed of concrete or resin.

Garden stepping stones are an essential lawn ornament accessory because you can not walk on bare grass in rainy days. You can create a marvelous path by integrating concrete or resin stepping stones and the most interesting thing is you do not need to worry about the correct placement of stepping stones at all, let your creativity wander and create a perfect backyard arrangement for your outdoor garden.

Concrete and resin stepping stones are most common stepping stones that are used in backyard gardens because of their weather resistant properties. They are affordable and durable in use. Use concrete as a natural stone in your backyard garden or lawn and you will be amazed to see the added beauty of this stepping stone as a lawn ornament.

Concrete and resin stepping-stones are available in every shape, they are available in round shape, in square shape, and you can even find engraved concrete stones as well. You can find concrete “ An Hour in the garden” and “Perhaps they are not stars” stepping stones as well, you can easily choose the one that compliments your back yard garden and the one which fits perfect among the flowers and the herbs as well.

To give unique and artistic look to your backyard garden or lawn try concrete stepping-stones that are functional, affordable, innovative in its structure and design and perfect to use. You can use printed or imprinted concrete outdoor stepping as well. It is important to choose the theme of stamp for your concrete patio stepping and enjoy the beauty and looks of your backyard.

If you have a big backyard and you have a swimming pool as well than you can integrate concrete or resin stepping stones leading to your swimming pool to create a more dramatic effect. You can also integrate concrete or resin stepping stones into gravel patio area and you can place them on the sides of flower beds to give more depth to your patio garden.

Concrete and resin stepping stones can be a focal point of your garden if you use them sensibly in your backyard. With different patterns and textures these stepping stones not only make your walk easy and delightful in your backyard but they also add depth and flavor to your backyard.

For professional finishing and well planned look browse out stepping stone catalog for the perfect stone to fit your needs.

Stepping Stones -

Gazing Balls Make the Perfect Garden Gem For the Gardener In Your Life
Only seven days left until Valentines day and just around the corner in May is Mothers day. Time to decide what would make the perfect gift for the beloved gardener in your family. Each year gazing balls are one our most popular choices as they provide a lasting memory each time the recipient catches a glimpse of their beautiful garden.

Gazing balls are available in stainless steel as well as glass. Stainless steel balls are the most durable globe available as they do not break or tarnish. Stainless balls are available in various colors and sizes. The most popular colors in stainless steel globes are Ruby Red, Blue, Magenta Pink, Silver and Purple. The steel balls have a reflective, mirror like finish. You will notice that they will reflect the sun, trees and clouds when placed in your garden which makes them even more enchanting. Stainless gazing balls are completely round and constructed of 16 gauge steel.

Glass gazing balls are a favorite of the traditional gardener as they were the first type of garden globe available. The most popular colors in globes constructed of glass are Red, Iris (purple), Rainbow Green and Rainbow Blue. The glass balls are not as reflective as the stainless balls however they do have some reflective qualities. Many of the glass balls have translucent qualities which means the color will vary a bit depending on the light source at different times during the day. Glass globes do have a neck on each ball with a rubber stopper on the end. Glass balls are made to fit into stands constructed especially for glass gazing balls. The neck will fit inside of a hole in the stand that is made to hold a specific size ball. If you are not sure if the glass ball that you are purchasing will work with a specific stand feel free to contact us at 800-458-0445 and we would be happy to help you find the correct ball. Stainless balls will fit on most stands as they do not have a neck. If you would like to secure a stainless ball to the stand just simply apply a small amount of household putty to the rim of the stand.

Many wedding and party planners order steel gazing globes as decoration or table center pieces. Gazing balls work well as party decor because they come in bright colors that will compliment the party decor. The balls pick up light from candles or the room and add a bit sparkle to your setting. When the event is complete the balls may be used as lovely parting gift. Gazing balls used for this purpose simply make the setting of your party very charming!

Maintenance on gazing balls is quite simple as you simply need to clean them occasionally with any household window cleaner and a soft dry cloth.

Please visit our gazing globe catalog to view the many options available.

Gazing Balls -

How To Choose The Perfect Gazing Ball

Landscaping Ideas For The Easter Holiday

Easter season has arrived so it is time to start thinking about how to decorate your lawn or garden to celebrate the beginning of spring and the season of religious rebirth. Easter is celebrated for different reasons in different parts of the world depending on individual spiritual beliefs.

Easter was named after Eastre who was a pagan saxon goddess. Eastre was the Anglo- Saxon goddess of fertility, dawn and spring. The first day of spring or at the vernal equinox a celebration would be held each year in the honor of Eastre. The first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox was a sacred day for Eastre as well and was given her name. The full moon represented the fertile season. New life is the wonderful gift of the spring season as a result of the warm sun and rainwater that comes with the season. Eastre's symbols were the rabbit or hare and the egg which represent fertility and new life. Anyone who has had the experience of caring for a rabbit will know that they selected the perfect symbol. The Easter rabbit and Easter egg are a tradition for this reason.

The Eastre holiday continued to be celebrated through the years and over time became a holiday celebrated by Christians. The spelling of the name was changed to Easter. The Christian celebration of Easter represents rebirth through the Resurrection of Christ. Many Christians prefer to decorate their homes or gardens during the Easter holiday with Sacred Heart of Jesus Statues or Madonna statues.

Whether you prefer to decorate with the a bunny statue or religious statue it is time to prepare for the Easter holiday. We offer many classic bunny statues that may be included in your garden and can remain there throughout the summer landscape season. We also offer many decorative bunny statues that have a more of a whimsical appeal. Many gardeners like to celebrate the season of rebirth in the spring and include baby sheep or lamb statues as well as baby pig statues in their gardens or flower beds. We offer quite a large selection of animal statues so you could really be imaginative with your spring garden theme. Please click on the links below to view some of our most popular bunny and lamb statues for the Easter holiday.

Bunny - Rabbit Statue - Boy

Bunny - Rabbit Lawn Ornament - Girl

Bunny - Rabbit Statue - Traditional

Lamb or Sheep Statue -

Animal Statues -

We also offer a variety of religious statues and lawn ornaments. Madonna and Sacred Heart of Jesus statues are available in a detailed realistic finish or in a solid finish to compliment your garden theme. Please click on the link under the product description in our online catalog to view the available finishes for each statue. Click on the following links to view some of our most popular religious statues for the Easter holiday.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Religious Statue -

Madonna Statue and Mary Statues -

Religious Statues -

May 20, 2009

Christmas Tree Assembly and Lighting - For Prelit Trees

Click Here to View Our - Artificial Christmas Tree Catalog

Before you begin to assemble your tree, choose a location near a wall outlet. Place the tree stand on a level surface.

Carefully insert the bottom of the tree pole into the stand. Make sure the pole is firmly inserted into the stand and the screws are tightened. Then insert the middle section into the bottom and the top into the middle section.

Allow the branches to fall into place or gently pull up and out. When adjusting the branches be sure that all wires are free of the branch hinges.

Shape the branches. Start with the tips that are farthest from the pole, place one to the right, one to the left and one at the center of the main stem.

After shaping the whole tree step back and view the overall look of the tree. Shift branches to fill any gaps. Slightly upsweep all branch tips for a uniform look.

When the above is complete locate the cord on the bottom and plug it into the wall outlet. Plug in the light set from the top into the middle of the tree and then plug the sections into the outlet. Some trees will have sections that plug into each other and other trees will have you plug each section directly into the wall outlet. Please review the instructions provided in the carton with the tree for complete light instructions. When all sections have been plugged into the electric source properly the tree should be illuminated and ready to decorate. Enjoy your artificial tree.

When the holiday season is over and you are ready to store your tree unplug the cord from the wall outlet. You may store your tree in the carton provided however we recommend you keep the tree assembled, cover with plastic and store upright.

Artificial Christmas Trees

March 23, 2009

Earth Tones Most Popular Choice In 2009
For Outdoor Furniture

Click Here to View Our - Outdoor Furniture Catalog

There is a huge move toward outdoor entertaining which began in 2008 that is continuing to increase in the 2009 season. The increase in popularity of entertaining at your home is due to the decline in the economy. It is less expensive to furnish your back yard or pool area than to travel to multiple destinations for entertainment. In the end you have accomplished something tangible that you could not have with travel. In a sense you create your own resort area where you can entertain and create memories to last a lifetime.

It seems that earth tone shades are dominating the color scheme for outdoor furniture, fountains, water features and landscape themes this season. Neutral shades such as gray, brown or beige will compliment or flatter almost any color scheme. Colors such as gray, brown and beige also age well and pretty much never go out of style. They are more traditional and have a classic style appeal.

Many consumers are looking for pieces to add to their garden that will last a lifetime. Cast stone, concrete and iron furniture or fountains hold up the best over time in an outdoor setting. It is ideal to choose a neutral color such as beige and then add less expensive accents to change the scheme over the years. For instance if you select a gray fountain and then add gray furniture near the fountain you could add outdoor pillows, lamps or umbrellas of a different color to brighten your theme.

Please contact Lawn Ornaments and Fountains for assistance with your furniture, statue or fountain purchase at 800-458-0445.
Please click link to view our Outdoor Furniture -

Outdoor Furniture


April 23, 2008
Shipping Costs - Beware of Free Shipping
The days of low fuel costs seem to be behind us in the United States. I spend much of my day lately hoping that prices on shipping and fuel costs will level off and stop rising. To this point we haven't seen much relief. Each day brings new hope so we just have to try to wait this out and hope that prices will fall and we will get back to business as usual.
I do want to express a few thoughts on shipping costs. Lawn ornaments, statues, fountains and outdoor furniture are large and heavy items so shipping is a consideration. The policy at Lawn Ornaments and is that we only charge the cost of shipping to your delivery zip code. We do sometimes discount shipping cost when possible based on the size of the individual order. We call several freight carriers and obtain several quotes to your zip code to find the lowest shipping rate possible and charge the lowest rate. We do not wish to make money on shipping.
Please beware of websites and companies that claim that shipping is free, included or at a very low rate as they are attempting to mislead the buyer. Most companies that ship large items such as fountains that claim that shipping is free are actually just adding the shipping into the price of the item. They take the shipping cost of the item from the east coast to the west coast and add that cost into the price of the item. I believe if you do a little bit of comparison you will find that if you call and ask us to obtain a shipping quote for the item to your zip code and then add the shipping cost and the cost of the item together that it will cost much less than most of the sites that claim to offer free shipping. Many companies include the shipping to save time and work as obtaining individual shipping quotes does take time and knowledge however it will save you the buyer money.
We have a knowledgeable staff available to assist you with all of your product and shipping questions. We have been shipping lawn ornaments and fountains throughout the United States for over ten years and are able to secure some of the most reasonable shipping rates available. Please call 800-458-0445 to obtain a free quote on any of our products.
Click on the link below to view our Fountain catalog.


April 17, 2008
Where Should I Place My Bird Bath?

A bird bath is a wonderful addition to your garden as it will provide a place for the birds to bathe, cool off and drink during the hot summer months. It is also quite enchanting to watch the birds at play when they visit the bird bath.
To decide where to place the bird bath you will want to consider how much room you want to use for this purpose and whether you plan to be able to view the bath from a window in your home. The benefit of placing it in a shaded area is that it will be cooler in the summer months for the birds however it will require extra maintenance due to falling leaves and sap from the trees. Many homeowners choose to place their bird bath in an open area to keep maintenance at a minimum. Please keep in mind that you will need to fill and clean the bird bath on a regular basis as birds do not like to bathe or drink dirty water so please keep that in mind when choosing the distance of the bird bath to your residence.
There are many types of bird baths available. There are small bowls that will attach to your deck or porch, bowls that come with a garden stake to utilize limited space in your garden or lawn, bowls that are designed to hang from a tree branch or more substantial cast stone, concrete or resin pieces to compliment your garden theme. Many home owners purchase small fountains as birds love running water and the sound is soothing to the homeowner as well.
Please click on the following link to view our bird bath catalog. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have and we would be happy to assist you.

Bird Baths - Concrete, Resin, Copper and Glass

February 6, 2008
Details About Our Cast Stone or Concrete Fountains and Statues
We represent the top manufacturers of Cast Stone and Concrete fountains and statues in the United States. The concrete used to produce each piece is of the highest quality to withstand the elements for outdoor use. Steel bar is included in many larger pieces to reinforce them and make them stronger and more durable. The concrete used in each piece is light gray in color before the finish is applied.

The concrete fountains within our catalog are designed for easy assembly and operation. Traditional tier fountains are designed so that each piece will stack perfectly on top of the next to make assembly a snap. Fountain pools are designed so that each piece of the pool locks into the next until the pool is formed. The interlocking system is easy to follow and does not require excessive tools or extra equipment. Some of our pool systems include a fiberglass pool insert. Fountain systems include the proper pump for operation. The pump requires no special plumbing or electric requirements. The fountain will be filled with an ordinary garden hose and the pump may be plugged into any normal household electrical outlet. Very large fountains may require special equipment to move the fountain to the location where you wish to assemble the fountain. Most of the midsize and smaller garden fountains can be moved by one person up to several people to place them in the desired area in your home, business or garden.

The cast stone or concrete pieces are finished to fine detail before the a finish is applied. Many statues or fountains are ordered in the gray natural finish which is sanded to a smooth fine detail. Pieces that are ordered in one of the many finishes available are finished and sealed with a special process so that the finish will be durable. Please keep in mind that each piece will age with time as does any household item. The aging process will depend on where the lawn ornament is placed and how you maintain the piece. Many home and business owners use the pieces in an indoor setting as they are beautiful in person. We do offer products to help in the maintenance of your concrete lawn ornament. Please click on the link below to view some of the products that we have available.
Maintenance Products for Concrete or Cast Stone Statues and Fountains -

Please visit the links below for more information on maintenance.

- Spring and Fall Water Fountain Cleaning and Maintenance

- Fountain Maintenance and Cleaning

- How To Choose a Fountain