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Topiary Trees For Christmas

History of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Traditions Around The World

The major similarity of Christmas around the world seems to be decorated trees, whether sparsely or richly decorated with widely varying types of Christmas tree ornaments. The ornaments themselves, though, tend to be more culture-specific, with Christmas balls only being traditional in some countries.

Historically trees, wreaths and garland as well as outdoor decorations began as fresh live articles. The trend has moved to artificial trees, wreaths and garland in order to preserve vegetation and save on cost as the artificial version looks like real and lasts for years.

Whether it's candles, decorated with greenery and
placed in the widows of Irish homes, or the traditional
visit to German Christmas Markets, many countries
celebrate the Christmas Holiday in their very own special way.

The first Christmas observance in the United States
was celebrated in authentic Spanish style. Hernando
de Soto and his army set up winter camp in the present
day city of Tallahassee, Florida in 1539. Since then, the
holiday traditions of many nations are seen across the
U.S. They bring their own traditions for the December
celebrations, and the diversity of the climate assists in
setting the scenes for the various types of festivities
from a Tex-Mex "posada" in Texas to carolers in
Jackson Square for a huge community sing with
bonfires lighting the skies.

In New York City, holiday shoppers watch the
skaters on the ice beneath the Rockefeller Center
while others gaze in awe at the Neapolitan Baroque
figures on the Angel Tree at the Metropolitan Museum
of Art.

There is an Enchanted Forest of 43 International Trees
in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, as well
as three crèches decorated by Chicago's cultural
community groups.

In St. Augustine, Florida there is an entire historic
area array in white lights. There is a city ordinance
which prevents anyone from displaying outdoor
colored Christmas lights. The only exception is the
Live Oak Tree located in the town square which is
colorfully decorated.

In Salt Lake City, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
performs the great classical music of Christmas for
all to enjoy.

In Canada the holiday tradition is to decorate homes
with as many lights and favorite decorations possible
while sipping on hot chocolate or egg nog. After eating
a Christmas dinner of seafood and fish Midnight Mass
is attended followed by the opening of gifts. A tradition
many Canadians follow is of a wooden candelabra which
holds 25 individual candles with one large candle in the
center which represents Jesus. Each individual candle is
lit as a special intention for a special loved one.
Once lit, everyone sings Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.

In Mexico there is the traditional "posada" or party every
Sunday before Christmas. It is a celebration of the arrival
of Mary & Joseph in Bethlehem. On Christmas Eve the
whole family gathers together for a magnificent dinner
to be followed by present opening.

In Ireland it is not unheard of to leave mince meat pie
and a bottle of Guinness for Santa Claus. There is
also the tradition of candles, decorated with greenery,
placed in windows on Christmas Eve to light the way
of the Holy Family.

Many Germans consider Christmas or "Weihnachten"
the most cheerful and important season of the year.
Very famous events are the Christmas Markets that
take place throughout Germany. These Markets are
little houses lined up selling Christmas ornaments,
candles, and so on. Another tradition is a wreath
decorated with Christmas ornaments and 4 candles
which are to be lit every Sunday until Christmas Eve.

December 8th or the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
begins the Christmas season for many Italians. After this
date many people start to put up their Christmas
decorations. The art of carving Nativity scenes is a
popular tradition which centers around the Naples area.
On Christmas Eve the most important meal of the
Christmas Holidays is celebrated even though most
Italians abstain for eating any kind of meat, as a kind
of fast. Midnight Mass is followed by their Christmas meal.

Christmas Day is celebrated in France with all the family.
On Christmas Eve, the children put their shoes (sabots)
in front of the fireplace. This is so Pere Noel
(Father Christmas) will fill them with presents. The
midnight service on Christmas Eve is traditionally
followed by a meal called "le reveillon"
(to wake up, or first call of the day.) Reveillon
is a symbolic spiritual awakening to meaning
of Christ's birth. After the festivities, it is
customary to leave a candle burning just in
case the Virgin Mary passes that way.

Christmas celebrations in the Philippines, the
only Asian nation in which Christianity is the
religion chosen by the people, starts nine days
before Christmas with a mass known as Misa de Gallo.
At this mass the story behind the birth of Christ is
read form the bible. The Panunuluyan pageant is
held each Eve. A couple is chosen to re-enact
Joseph and Mary's search for shelter. Religious
services include pastore, or play, based on myth
of the birth of the Christ Child. The pastores closes
with a star from the upper part of the church sliding
down a wire and coming to rest over the church's
Nativity scene.

Christmas in Australia is often very hot. It is not
unusual to have Christmas Day into the mid 30
degrees Celsius, or near 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Some Australians often have their Christmas dinner
at midday on a local beach, Bondi Beach in Syndney.
The warm weather allows Australians to enjoy a tradition
which commenced in 1937. Carols by Candlelight is held
on Christmas Eve, where tens of thousands of people gather
in the city of Melbourne to sing their favorite Christmas songs.
The evening is lit by just as many candles dancing under a
clear night sky.

Christmas is a very special time of the year that is celebrated
by traditions that bring forth family and friends to express
joy and happiness of life and all that it entitles. We offer
everything you need to decorate your home or business
in the traditional style of your family. Please visit our
website at the following locations

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